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David Sadker

About The Author

David Sadker is professor emeritus at American University (Washington, DC) and, along with his late wife Myra Sadker, gained a national reputation for work in confronting gender bias and sexual harassment.  David Sadker has directed more than a dozen federal education grants, and authored or co-authored seven books, including the bestselling introductory teacher education textbook, Teachers, Schools and Society, (McGraw Hill, 2008). The American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) honored the Sadkers for “the best review of research” published in 1991, for their professional service in 1995, and for “scholarship, activism, and community building on behalf of women and education” in 2004. The American Association of University Women awarded the Sadkers’ their Eleanor Roosevelt Award in 1995, and the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education recognized their work with the Gender Architect Award in 2001. David Sadker has received two honorary doctorates. He currently teaches at the University of Arizona.

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