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Catherine McCullagh

About The Author

Catherine McCullagh trained as a teacher before embarking on a career in the Australian Army. On leaving the Army, she established herself as a freelance editor specialising in military history, before launching a new career, this time as a writer. Her first published works were non-fiction, beginning with Willingly into the Fray, a centenary history of Australian Army nursing, followed by War Child, a ghost-written wartime memoir, and Unconquered, which she co-wrote with Denny Neave and Gordon Traill.
Catherine’s first historical novel, Dancing with Deception, was published in 2017 and was followed by Secrets and Showgirls in 2021. Her next novel, Love and Retribution, was released in 2022, with Resistance and Revenge published in May 2023. Like its predecessor, Power and Obsession is an alternative history novel, marking a shift from traditional historical fiction and into the world of supposition, in this case, occupied Britain. 

Books by Catherine McCullagh