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Brian Klaas

Photograph by Sheng Peng

Brian Klaas is an associate professor in global politics at University College London and a weekly columnist for The Washington Post. Klaas has conducted field research across the globe, interviewing people who wield power—despots, CEOs, coup plotters, rebel leaders, torture victims, crooked advisers, dissidents, cult leaders, criminals, and generals. He has advised major politicians and organizations including NATO, the European Union, American political leaders, and Amnesty International. His prior books include The Despot’s AccompliceThe Despot’s Apprentice, and How to Rig an Election (coauthored with Professor Nic Cheeseman). Klaas is also the host of the Power Corrupts podcast, which won the Bronze award for “Smartest Podcast of 2020” in the British Podcast Awards. Klaas, an American, lives in London. You can find him at and on Twitter (@brianklaas).

Books by Brian Klaas