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Bill McKendry

About The Author

Bill McKendry has an extraordinary view of the world. He grew up with parents who were both deaf from birth, so American Sign Language  was his first method of communication. As a boy, he became a translator for his parents, even in many adult conversations, including some unusual and sometimes dire circumstances. He helped them purchase cars, refinance their home, call into work sick (even when he knew they weren’t sick), and translate for his mother in an operating room during her surgery! You could say that being a voice for those who need help to communicate is in Bill’s blood.

Bill is the founder and chief creative officer at HAVEN |, a creative hub, after heading Hanon McKendry, being vice chairman and chief creative officer of JDA Worldwide, serving at Tracy-Locke/BBDO | Denver, co-founding Compass College of Cinematic Arts, and winning more than 1,000 national and international awards in advertising and marketing. Bill founded DO MORE GOOD®, which has now acquired Nonprofit Hub and Cause Camp to provide content, thought leadership, and educational conferences and workshops for nonprofit organizations. Bill is a frequent public speaker on the topic of how branding and marketing can help nonprofit organizations DO MORE GOOD®.

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