The Explorer

The Explorer

For Ages: 8 - 12
Parents’ Choice Recommended

From Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner Katherine Rundell comes an exciting new novel about a group of kids who must survive in the Amazon after their plane crashes.

Fred, Con, Lila, and Max are on their way back to England from Manaus when the plane they’re on crashes and the pilot dies upon landing. For days they survive alone, until Fred finds a map that leads them to a ruined city, and to a secret.
  • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781481419451 | 
  • September 2017 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7
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Reading Group Guide

A Reading Group Guide to

The Explorer

By Katherine Rundell

About the Book

Four children crash-land into the Amazon rain forest. Utterly alone, they quickly learn that in order to survive, they must work together and trust each other. As they begin their journey by raft to find help, they encounter a strange, mysterious, and learned man who will teach them not only how to survive in the jungle, but how to face their fears and eventually risk everything to get home. This exciting adventure story of trust, courage, and friendship will appeal to the explorer in every young reader.

Discussion Questions

1. After reading the first two chapters, what do you know about Fred, Con, Lila, and Max? Cite examples from the text that help to inform your understanding of them. Discuss what the author means by the following description of Fred: “Inside, Fred was hunger, hope, and wire.”

2. Fred observes Con as such: “She moved stiffly; she wore her body like a uniform she hadn’t chosen. And there are outfits that suggest of their own accord that their owner should sit still and smile nicely.” Discuss the meaning of this description. How can certain clothes project an image? Give examples from your life that support your ideas.

3. The children attempt to talk Fred into turning over the watch his father gave him as a tool to make a fire. Lila is sympathetic toward see more

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About the Author

Katherine Rundell
Photograph by Blair Mowat

Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell is the author of RooftoppersCartwheeling in Thunderstorms (a Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner), The Wolf Wilder, and The Explorer. She grew up in Zimbabwe, Brussels, and London, and is currently a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. She begins each day with a cartwheel and believes that reading is almost exactly the same as cartwheeling: it turns the world upside down and leaves you breathless. In her spare time, she enjoys walking on tightropes and trespassing on the rooftops of Oxford colleges.