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Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Group Questions
    1. Do you agree that the Internet inherently puts tremendous price pressure on retailers and manufacturers?
    2. Do you agree that the Internet inherently leads to consolidation among industry participants?
    3. What kinds of practical steps can your business take to survive?
    4. Do you believe the Internet dramatically increases the value of being first to market?
    5. How do you think the growth of the Internet will affect the pricing of your products and services over the long term? Do you think we will see the same product with prices that fluctuate rapidly (both up and down) over time?
    6. What businesses will not be changed by the rapid growth of the Web?
    7. What kinds of new business opportunities do you think the rapid growth of the Web is creating?

About the Author

Bruce Judson

Bruce Judson, author of NetMarketing, was named one of the nation's leading interactive marketers by Advertising Age. He is the president of the Judson Group, a private consulting firm specializing in Internet business.