Fashion Rebels

Style Icons Who Changed the World through Fashion

Fashion Rebels

Illustrated by: Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia
For Ages: 8 - 12
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Get to know the women who’ve wielded the power of fashion and brought about change with this illustrated biography that features twenty-five of history’s most influential fashion icons.

Throughout time, daring women have made fashion choices that have altered the course of history. From Marie Antoinette, who wore a hairstyle as large as her presence, to Coco Chanel, who imagined a world without rib crushing corsets and heavy gowns, to Katharine Hepburn, who walked around the studio in her underwear when studio executives refused to let her wear her then-scandalous jeans, these women were mavericks as well as rebellious icons.

Their fashion choices mirrored and redefined what it meant to be a woman in their era. They didn’t follow trends or cultural conventions, but instead set the course with their own style. Their brave and inventive fashion choices paved the way for female empowerment.

Featuring hairstyle tips, DIY projects, inspiration boards that break down each icon’s style, and illustrated timelines that cover the evolution of pants, skirts, the little black dress, and more, Fashion Rebels: Style Icons Who Changed the World through Fashion invites readers to treat fashion as an act of fearless creativity—and even become fashion trailblazers themselves.
  • Aladdin/Beyond Words | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781582704876 | 
  • September 2016 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7 | 
  • Lexile ® 1080L
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About the Author

Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia
Photograph by Kerry Lynn Goodwin

Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia

Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia is the award-winning author and illustrator of three children’s nonfiction books: Raucous Royals, Who Put the ‘B’ in the Ballyhoo, and I Feel Better With a Frog in My Throat. She has received the Golden Kite Honor, the Cybil Award, and the International Reading Association’s Children’s and Young Adult Book Award. She teaches digital painting throughout the United States and is the author of the bestselling Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner. She lives north of Boston. You can find out more via her website at