Audiobook Downloads

About Audiobook Downloads and Compatible Devices

We currently offer 2 different kinds of downloads - .MP3 and .M4B audio file formats. Both are compatible with iPods and many MP3 players.

Simon & Schuster audiobook downloads are in .M4B format—a high quality, “near-CD quality” audio file type specifically designed for audiobooks that is similar to .MP3 file format. What is special about .M4B is that it allows you to bookmark when you stop listening to an audiobook and resume listening where you left off. Simon & Schuster .M4B files have no Digital Rights Management or license keys to deal with.

.M4B files are compatible with most current models of portable media players. We recommend checking the user guide for your device for compatibility and any necessary software downloads.

Pimsleur Digital Audio products are in .MP3 format, a compressed audio format commonly used to store music files and audiobooks on a hard drive. MP3 files are supported by most portable music players, such as the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune. For information about Pimsleur Digital Audio, please visit

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Digital Downloads in My Account

There are three ways you can access your audiobook downloads once you have purchased them:

  1. Immediately after purchase by clicking "Download Now" on the web page.
  2. By downloading them from the link provided in your emailed purchase confirmation.
  3. By downloading them from your "Digital Downloads" area in "Your Account" on

Your download is stored in "Digital Downloads," and you can return to download your audiobook as many times as necessary (provided it is for your personal use only). However, we recommend that you download your audiobook as soon as possible and that you make a backup copy onto a CD, DVD or any other external drive.

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Step-by-Step guide for downloading your audiobooks

Simon & Schuster Audiobooks are downloaded in four steps.
***These steps will automatically occur in this order once you start the process of downloading your audiobook.

1. Launching and/or updating Java

  • The Simon & Schuster audiobook download process requires that the latest version of Java be installed. Java is free software.
  • Your order confirmation screen will include a reminder about Java if we detect that you need to download it for the first time or update it before downloading your audiobook. If your computer is running the latest version of Java, it will automatically launch, and you will quickly be at Step 2.
  • If you need to install or update Java…as you download your audiobook, you will automatically be taken to the Java downloader, which will determine what browser you are using and will then chose the appropriate version of Java for your computer.
  • Then click on the red “Agree and Start Free Download” button. Java is free, and just by downloading you agree to the terms of their end user license agreement.
  • Once you start the Java download, your computer may ask whether you want to install Java. Click "Yes."
  • During the Java download process, billboards may appear on your screen. One of these billboards will ask you to confirm that you want to install Java. Click "Install." The last billboard should announce a successful installation and will require that you click "Close."

2. Launching the Download Manager

  • Once you have successfully installed or updated Java (or if your computer already had the correct version of Java), the Simon & Schuster Download Manager will automatically launch. The Download Manager allows you to choose where on your computer you want your audiobook files to be saved and then downloads the files directly to that location.
  • Your computer may ask you if you want to allow the Download Manager to run/launch or require you to open it. Click "Yes" or "Run" or "Open." The software is called “Download_Manager.jnlp."

3. Directing the Download Manager where to save your audiobook on your computer

  • First, the Download Manager will prompt you to decide to which folder or directory to save your audiobook files. A blue highlighted path indicates to where the Download Manager will save your audiobook. You can easily change this path to any location on your computer at this step. Once you choose the location, click "Select," and you will see the Download Manager start your download. It will display a constantly updating download time estimate and a "progress" bar.
  • Saving to iTunes: The Download Manager is already set to download your files to iTunes in the "iTunes Media" folder. iTunes is free software, and if you need to get it, go to this apple web page:
  • Automatically Add to iTunes: If your computer is running iTunes Version 9 or later, iTunes offers the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder capability, which copies the files right into the "Books" section of iTunes. In this case, you would direct the Download Manager to save to "Automatically Add to iTunes" by clicking once on that folder. Then click "Select." After your download is complete and when you launch iTunes, your audiobook will already have been loaded into "Books," and you will simply double click it to start listening.
  • For iTunes prior to version 9: Your audiobook will still be directed to save to the “iTunes Media” folder. In this case after your download is complete, you will need to double click the actual file itself once it has been fully downloaded to its saved location. The easiest way to do this is once the Download Manager has alerted you that your download is complete, click "Okay." Then under the "Click Open to See These Files on Your Computer," click "Open." You will be taken directly to the folder where your audiobook is saved. Double click your audiobook, and it will automatically launch iTunes and begin to play in iTunes.
  • Saving to your desktop or anywhere else: You can also direct the blue highlighted path to save your audiobook to your desktop or any other folder or directory and choose later in what media player software you want to listen to your audiobook.

4. Opening your audiobook in media player software that allows you to listen right away or transfer it to your portable listening device.

  • When your download is complete, the Download Manager will alert you and give you the option of clicking the "Open" button to see where your audiobook was saved. You can click this button to be taken directly to your file where you can simply view your saved file or double click it to launch it in your preferred media listening software.

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How long will it take to download my audiobook?

Depending how long the audiobook is, the audiobook download (.M4B) file can have a size anywhere from 20 MB (megabytes) to several hundred MB.

Download times vary widely depending on your Internet connection speed and other factors. On average you can expect an audiobook download to take anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes. For quicker downloading, we recommend you use a high-speed connection.

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Bonus Materials (PDFs, JPEGs, Quicktime Movies)

Some audiobooks come with bonus materials such as PDFs of quizzes, charts and graphs or jpegs or movies. These files will download simultaneously with your audiobook and will be saved on your computer where you choose to save your audiobook.

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  • Ensure you have a working Internet connection.
  • Make sure the files downloaded completely. The Download Manager will alert you when your download is complete. It will also give you the option of clicking the "Open" button to see where your audiobook was saved.
  • If you cannot find your audiobook download after the Download Manager has alerted you that your download is complete, try going through the steps of downloading your audiobook again and select a different location to which to save your audiobook.
  • If your audiobook does not automatically appear in the "Books" section of iTunes; you selected the "Automatically Add to iTunes" location at Step 3 and you cannot find your audiobook download, try closing the iTunes program and then download your audiobook again following the same steps as your first attempt.
  • You may need to upgrade your media player. We recommend checking the user guide for your device for compatibility and any necessary software downloads.
  • If you continue having trouble with any audio downloads from, please contact Customer Service.
  • If for any reason you have trouble purchasing an audiobook, if your card is not accepted, or if there is a billing problem that needs to be resolved, please contact Customer Service, and we will assist you. We are committed to resolving your issue as quickly as possible.

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