The Darcy Connection

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The Darcy Connection

In The Darcy Connection, Mr. Collins of Pride and Prejudice is now the Bishop of Ripon, living with his wife, Charlotte, and their two daughters, who have reached marriageable age. The elder, another Charlotte, is extraordinarily beautiful, and her parents hope her looks and connections will ensure a brilliant marriage. Her sister, Eliza, while not as handsome, possesses a lively intelligence that, in Mr. Collins's opinion, is too like her godmother, Mrs. Darcy.

In London, Charlotte's beauty wins her many admirers, despite her small fortune. But Eliza's wit and attempts to interfere in what she considers an unsuitable marriage for her sister infuriate her family and Charlotte's suitor -- until Eliza herself meets her match. New and old fans alike will relish this witty, romantic, thoroughly entertaining novel from a highly talented author.
  • Touchstone | 
  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416547259 | 
  • March 2008
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Reading Group Guide

1. What is Eliza Collins's first impression of Bartholomew Bruton? What is Bruton's first impression of Eliza? How do their initial "prejudices" turn to affection? Why do you think Bruton realizes his love for Eliza long before she can admit her feelings to herself?
2. Charlotte is like a "marble statue" (page 111), yet she reveals her passionate side when she falls for George Warren. What do you think of Charlotte's character? Is she a good match for Montblaine, the Marble Marquis? Why does Eliza object to the match between Charlotte and Montblaine?
3. What is the difference between Eliza and Anthony's secret engagement, deemed a "boy-and-girl attachment" (page 225), and Eliza's feelings for Bruton? Do you believe that Eliza could fall in and out of love so quickly?
4. Eliza's anonymous sketches of clerical life and London society are a big hit in the Leeds Gazette and London Magazine. Why is it so risky for Eliza to write these satires? Do you think it is worth the risk? Do you suppose that after her marriage to Bruton, she could possibly reveal herself as the author of the sketches? Why or why not?
5. The Darcy Connection features at least two formidable villains: the slick clergyman Mr. Pyke and the dark and dangerous George Warren. Discuss what makes them the villains in the story. Which character do you find more villainous, and why?
6. Eliza escapes Mr. Pyke's blackmail by asking see more

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About the Author

Elizabeth Aston
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Elizabeth Aston

Elizabeth Aston is a passionate Jane Austen fan who studied with Austen biographer Lord David Cecil at Oxford. The author of several novels, including Mr. Darcy's Daughters, she lives in England and Italy.

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