Serial Typical

Serial Typical

From the author of Color Me Grey comes the story of two detectives on a desperate search to find a killer who is closer to home than they may think.

Detective Brandon Simms has been married twice and had more girlfriends than he can ever begin to count. That is, until he is teamed with Detective Kimberly Watson and the sparks begin to fly.

When a religion-obsessed killer begins slaying women, it becomes their job to bring the murderer to justice. Countless bodies of burned victims are found with the same silver bracelet and the stress is taking its toll on Kimberly. Secretive about her past, Kimberly has never told Brandon about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her religious father. Even in the midst of their growing passion for one another, she is still unwilling to become truly intimate and Brandon becomes convinced she is hiding something.

As Kimberly’s life and their case begin to intertwine, Brandon becomes convinced that the killer is someone close to Kimberly...someone she is protecting.
  • Strebor Books | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439184004 | 
  • July 2012
List Price $1.99 (price may vary by retailer)

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About the Author

Michelle Janine Robinson
Michelle Janine Robinson

Michelle Janine Robinson

Michelle Janine Robinson is the author of Color Me Grey, More Than Meets the Eye, and Serial Typical. Her short story “Mi Destino” was included in Zane’s New York Times bestseller Caramel Flava, and her short story contribution “The Quiet Room” was a featured story in the New York Times bestseller Succulent: Chocolate Flava II. Michelle is a native New Yorker and the mother of identical twin boys.