Once Upon a Time

Discovering Our Forever After Story

Once Upon a Time

From one of America’s favorite storytellers, this beautiful, inspirational book helps you understand God’s plan for your life—a life that is one continuous, never-ending story.

God has a story for your life . . .

Debbie Macomber has inspired readers with her stories for decades. Now for the first time she helps each of us to understand that life is a story, part of a grand narrative that God is writing day by day.

With chapters that cover the importance of literary elements such as characters, setting, backstory, and conflict, Macomber uses the structure of a story to illustrate God’s hand in our lives. Each chapter has a storytelling prompt—a searching question that will help frame our story—and a sidebar that pulls an idea out of the chapter and expands it with practical tips.

Once Upon a Time shares Debbie’s love of story and helps showcase the big picture of the story God is writing through us.
  • Howard Books | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451607802 | 
  • March 2014
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Reading Group Guide

This reading group guide for Once Upon a Time includes an introduction, discussion questions, ideas for enhancing your book club, and a Q&A with author Debbie Macomber. The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book.


In Once Upon a Time: Discovering Our Forever After Story, bestselling author Debbie Macomber explains to readers that all of our lives are part of God’s grand narrative, a never-ending story that He writes for us each and every day. Using the metaphor of storytelling—and giving some insight into her own writing process along the way—Debbie Macomber teaches readers the value of examining one’s own life in order to understand God’s loving presence. Once Upon a Time helps readers answer the questions Who am I? Who am I called to be? —and leaves us with some practical advice for discovering our own story as Debbie Macomber shares her incredible journey.  

Topics & Questions for Discussion 

1. Discuss the significance of the title—Once Upon a Time. How does the title indicate the direction this book will take? Why does the author love the phrase “once upon a time” so much? What feeling(s) doe see more

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Debbie Macomber
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Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber, with more than 100 million copies of her books sold worldwide, is one of today’s most popular authors. Visit her at DebbieMacomber.com.