My Favorite Match

WWE Superstars Tell the Stories of Their Most Memorable Matches

My Favorite Match

Re-live the most breathtaking, unbelievable wrestling action ever as WWE’s superstars and divas recount their greatest matches of all time—featuring eight pages of full-color photographs.

Remember the time Goldust ran over “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in his gold Cadillac? How about when Randy Orton battled Mick Foley with a barbed-wire bat named “Barbie”?

When you ask a WWE Superstar what his favorite match is, you might be surprised by his answer. But that’s the thing about a phrase like “favorite match.” It’s not about the greatest match in their careers or the time they won their first title. It’s about the moments that stand out and make them smile. Sometimes, it’s the same smile they had when they left the ring, face full of blood and sweat, to the roars of thousands. Sometimes, it’s the smile they tried so hard to hide when anything and everything seemed to go so wrong that even the ring announcer was accidentally injured in their struggle. And sometimes, it’s the smile only the showmen themselves share with each other as brothers in battle with one goal in mind: doing whatever it takes to put on the best show possible, even if it means landing on a few thousand thumbtacks along the way.

These are their stories, straight from the Superstars who performed some of the most memorable matches in WWE history. These are the most unexpected, the most brutal, the most hilarious, and the most unforgettable moments of their careers—captured in their own words.
  • World Wrestling Entertainment | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451631760 | 
  • July 2012
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