I Just Got a Puppy, What Do I Do?

How to Buy, Train, Understand, and Enjoy Your Puppy

I Just Got a Puppy, What Do I Do?

Newly revised, this perennially popular guide to everything you ever needed to know about your new puppy is now a more invaluable resource than ever. First use the authors' safe and effective tests to determine your dog's temperament: strong-willed, shy, high-energy, outgoing, calm, aggressive; then use their personalized techniques to begin your training. Soon you'll be on your way to a rewarding and loving relationship with your new dog. You will also get the lowdown on:
• Where to get a puppy (and where not to)
• What to do and buy to prepare for your puppy's homecoming
• How to create an immediate bond of trust between you and your puppy
• How to paper train and housebreak your puppy
• How to correct behavioral problems like spot soiling, furniture chewing, begging, jumping, excessive barking, and biting

Complete with updated training techniques and an all-new section of profiles of the twenty-five most popular breeds, this fully illustrated guide is an essential source of wisdom, information, and inspiration for any dog owner or dog owner-to-be.
  • Touchstone | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684855202 | 
  • June 2002
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Mordecai Siegal

Mordecai Siegal has written more than thirty books about dogs, cats, and horses, and edited The Cornell Book of Cats, the most highly respected reference guide on feline medicine for pet owners. He has appeared on many TV shows, including Good Morning America. He has written hundreds of articles and columns for magazines, such as House Beautiful, Harper's Bazaar, Reader's Digest, and Good Housekeeping. He writes a monthly pet column on www.goodnewsforpets.com. He lives in New York City.