Author Revealed

About Heather Vogel Frederick

Q. What is your birthdate?

A. 1/3

Q. Previous occupations

A. Babysitter, maid, secretary, hair salon receptionist, newspaper reporter and editor, freelance writer

Q. Favorite job

A. I absolutely adored working in a newsroom.

Q. High school and/or college

A. Hanover High School in Hanover, New Hampshire; Principia College, and the University of Cologne in Germany

Q. Name of your favorite composer or music artist?

A. Bach and Motown

Q. Favorite movie

A. Just one? I have so many! All About Eve. Casablanca. It's a Wonderful Life. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version with Colin Firth, of course). There are others, but I'll stop.

Q. Favorite television show

A. Downton Abbey all the way!

Revealing Questions

Q. How would you describe your life in only 8 words?

A. Eat. Sleep. Read. Write. Walk the dogs. Repeat.

Q. What is your motto or maxim?

A. It's the set of the sail, and not the gale, that determines the way we go.

Q. How would you describe perfect happiness?

A. One word: home.

Q. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to be?

A. Paddling down Isaac Lake in Bowron Provincial Park.

Q. If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?

A. I would love to be an artist. Sadly, I can't even draw stick figures.

Q. What is your greatest achievement?

A. A happy family.

Q. Who is your favorite fictional hero?

A. Charlotte Cavatica.

Q. Who is your favorite fictional villain?

A. Letitia Slighcarp from "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase."

Q. If you could meet any historical character, who would it be and what would you say to him or her?

A. I would love to meet Jane Austen, but I'd be far too awed to say anything to her. Plus, if I did, I'm pretty sure she'd find some reason to skewer me in her next novel. After all, this is the woman who once wrote, "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn?"

Q. What is your biggest pet peeve?

A. Those stupid plastic containers that all electronics and other gadgets are packaged in. I can never get them open.

Q. What is your favorite occupation, when you’re not writing?

A. That would be eating.

Q. What’s your fantasy profession?

A. Queen.

Q. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be?

A. French fries.

On Books and Writing

Q. Who are your favorite authors?

A. E. B. White Jane Austen

Q. What are your 5 favorite books of all time?

A. Charlotte's Web by E. B. White Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Persuasion by Jane Austen Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster Half Magic by Edward Eager

Q. Is there a book you love to reread?

A. Charlotte's Web

Q. Do you have one sentence of advice for new writers?

A. Be patient with yourself.

Q. What comment do you hear most often from your readers?

A. I'm your #1 fan!