Elizabeth Aston

Elizabeth Aston is a passionate Jane Austen fan who studied with Austen biographer Lord David Cecil at Oxford. The author of several novels, including Mr. Darcy's Daughters, she lives in England and Italy.

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Books by this Author

Writing Jane Austen
Mr. Darcy's Dream
The Darcy Connection
The Second Mrs. Darcy
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Author Voices

November 20, 2008

Why does one become what one has become? Chance? Fate? Now, if there were a parallel universe where I could have an alternative career, I’d be an Assyriologist.

After university, clueless about my future career, and too green to know what I now know, which is that careers are things that happen to you, I went with a couple of friends for vocational guidance. We were set a barrage of ridiculous questions. Would you rather be a ballet dancer or a bishop? was one I remember with particular joy. The upshot? My squeamish vegetarian friend was advised to go into taxidermy, and the other one to take up bee-keeping – she has a phobia about... see more