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Eleven-year-old Sam Lyttle has a unique way of telling the truth in this highly illustrated humorous middle grade series, perfect for fans of Timmy Failure!

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The Stinky Truth

Book #2

Sam Lyttle learns that sometimes the truth can hurt just as much as a lie in this follow-up to the humorous and cheeky illustrated middle grade novel The Pudding Problem which Kirkus Reviews calls perfect for “fans of Timmy Failure and Big Nate.”

School’s out, and a long, hot summer of endless fun beckons for Sam and Charlie. Except that no sooner has it begun than they’re wishing it away in anticipation of Cry Wolfe, the first Wolfe Stone movie, which opens at the end of the season. Sam’s mom issues him a challenge: if, and only if, Sam can make it through the entire vacation without telling a single fib, he will be allowed to see his crime-fighting hero on the big screen.

Six whole weeks, without a single lie?! No problem. Until the small matter of a tray of snowball cakes in the fridge with a Sam-sized footprint in them threatens to end Sam’s dreams of cinema heaven. Can he continue to steer clear of lying, while not having to reveal the...

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The Stinky Truth ON SALE12/4/2018
Stinky Truth
Book #2

About the Author

Joe Berger
Photo (c) 2016 by Henning Loehlein

Joe Berger

Joe Berger is the author and illustrator of the Bridget Fidget books, has illustrated seven other picture books including the new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang novels by Frank Cottrell Boyce, and has a long-running cartoon series in The Guardian, as well as TV animation projects. Visit Joe online at