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Finder Deluxe Edition: You're My Desire

Book #6

Pain and pleasure collide when a sophisticated underworld boss crosses paths with a naive photographer hell-bent on bringing him down!

This deluxe edition includes never-before-released material as well as a double-sided color insert and special cover treatment! Photographer Takaba Akihito takes on a risky assignment trying to document the illegal activities of the Japanese underworld. When he captures its leader—the handsome, enigmatic Asami Ryuichi—in the crosshairs of his viewfinder, Takaba’s world is changed forever.

After being held prisoner in Hong Kong, Akihito Takaba is finally brought home to Japan by his lover Ryuichi Asami. But once again, the feisty photographer escapes Asami’s grasp! It’s not long, though, before Akihito becomes ensnared in a stalking incident and again sees Asami’s darker side. Will he chase the scoop or the man he’s not quite ready to admit he’s attracted to?

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