Walls of Fame

The Unforgettable Sports Posters of the Costacos Brothers

Walls of Fame

“The poster made you cool,” said Hall of Famer Charles Barkley of the Costacos Brothers posters, “You didn’t make the poster cool.”

John and Tock Costacos defined an era in sports through their amazing posters that transformed professional athletes of the ’80s into larger-than-life superheroes. Walls of Fame is the first book that celebrates more than 100 of the Costacos Brothers’ hand-picked favorite posters, original concept art, and rare outtake photos, as well as the personal anecdotes behind their fascinating odyssey working with the superstars of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Buckle up for a trip back in time with Walls of Fame, the first and only collection of the Costacos Brothers’ amazing sports posters that adorned the bedrooms of a generation. John and Tock Costacos share stories of hard work, luck, giant prop baseball bats, wild animals, explosives, Ferraris, and semi-automatic weapons that enabled two recent college graduates with zero experience to conjure the magic that sold more than 30 million posters and create indelible images that endure decades later.

More than 100 posters are featured, including:
* Brian Bosworth: The Land of Boz (Seattle Seahawks)
* Michael Jordan: Space (Chicago Bulls)
* Jose Canseco & Mark McGwire: The Bash Brothers (Oakland A’s)
* Bo Jackson: Black & Blue (Los Angeles Raiders & Kansas City Royals)
* Magic Johnson & Wayne Gretzky: L.A. Story (L.A. Lakers & L.A. Kings)
* Roger Clemens: The Rocket (Boston Red Sox)
* Lawrence Taylor: The Terminator (New York Giants)
* Sergei Fedorov: From Russia with Love (Detroit Red Wings)
* Charles Barkley: Get Off My Backboard (Philadelphia 76ers)
* Jim McMahon & Walter Payton: Chicago Vice (Chicago Bears)
* Dave Winfield: Class (New York Yankees)
* Larry Bird: Legend (Boston Celtics)
* Troy Aikman: Strong Arm of the Law (Dallas Cowboys)
* Kirby Puckett: Wrecking Ball (Minnesota Twins)
* Dominique Wilkins: The Highlight Zone (Atlanta Hawks)
* Jerry Rice: Goldfingers (San Francisco 49ers)
* Ken Griffey Jr. & Ken Griffey Sr.: The Next Generation (Seattle Mariners & Cincinnati Reds)
* Shawn Kemp & Jeff Ament: Slam & Jam (Seattle SuperSonics & Pearl Jam)
* John Elway: The Rifleman (Denver Broncos)
* Kevin Mitchell: Bat Man (San Francisco Giants)
* Luc Robitaille: Cool Hand Luc (L.A. Kings)
* Shaquille O’Neal: Rim Shaker (Orlando Magic)
* Christian Okoye: Nigerian Nightmare (Kansas City Chiefs)
* Don Majkowski: Majik Man (Green Bay Packers)
* Kirk Gibson: Big Game Hunter (L.A. Dodgers)
* Patrick Ewing: Madison Square Guardian (New York Knicks)
* Reggie White: Minister of Defense (Philadelphia Eagles)
* Andre Dawson: The Hawk (Chicago Cubs)

The Costacos Brothers reinvented sports marketing through their iconic imagery, creating an enduring bond between fans and their heroes. Whether you’re a sports buff, pop-culture historian, or design and photography enthusiast, Walls of Fame: The Unforgettable Sports Posters of the Costacos Brothers is unlike any book ever published.
  • Weldon Owen | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781681884042 | 
  • October 2018
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