Tigerlily's Orchids

A Novel

Tigerlily's Orchids

  • Simon & Schuster Audio | 
  • ISBN 9781442341890 | 
  • June 2011
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When Stuart Font decides to throw a housewarming party in his new flat, he invites all the people in his building—three flippant young girls; a lonely spinster; a man with a passion for classical history; and a woman determined to drink herself to death. After some deliberation, he even includes the unpleasant caretaker and his wife. He considered inviting a few other friends, but he definitely does not want his girlfriend, Claudia, in attendance as he would also have to invite her lawyer husband. As it turns out, the party will be one everyone remembers.


Living in a townhouse opposite Stuart’s building, in reclusive isolation, is a young, beautiful Asian woman, known as Tigerlily. As though from some strange urban fairytale, she emerges infrequently, to exert a terrible spell. And Stuart’s parents, always worried about their handsome, hopelessly naive and under-motivated son, have even more cause for concern.


Darkly humorous, piercingly insightful about human behavior, Ruth see more

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About the Author

Ruth Rendell

Ruth Rendell (1930–2015) won three Edgar Awards, the highest accolade from Mystery Writers of America, as well as four Gold Daggers and a Diamond Dagger for outstanding contribution to the genre from England’s prestigious Crime Writ­ers’ Association. Her remarkable career spanned a half century, with more than sixty books published. A member of the House of Lords, she was one of the great literary figures of our time.