The Hormone Decision

The Hormone Decision

Do you have questions about menopause and the use of hormones?

The generation of women approaching or entering menopause today has heard more on the subject than any previous generation. First hormones were good. Then suddenly they were bad. Now they don't seem to be in the news much at all. But for the woman realizing that her body is starting to change, all these conflicting reports can be frightening. The truth is that every woman is different, and no one answer is correct for everybody.

Tara Parker-Pope, who has written about health for both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, details all the latest research on menopause in a clear, easy-to-read style that makes it possible for you to:
  • understand the research
  • ask intelligent questions
  • choose whether or not hormone therapy is right for you.
  • Pocket Books | 
  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416562016 | 
  • March 2008
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About the Author

Tara Parker-Pope

Tara Parker-Pope, a professional reporter for twenty years, writes a weekly consumer health column and daily health blog for The New York Times, and prior to that was the health columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Her special Wall Street Journal report on the findings of the Women's Health Initiative earned her the Media Award from the North American Menopause Society, as well as the Second Century Award for Excellence in Health Care from the Columbia University School of Nursing.