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    Discussion Group Questions
    1. What is "strategy"? What are some possible different definitions/interpretations of the word? What do you think might be the key influences that have shaped your personal definition/understanding of strategy? (Chapter 1, pages 9-15)
    2. Strategy Safari has identified 10 different schools of thought on strategy formation (the Design, Planning, Positioning, Entrepreneurial, Cognitive, Learning, Power, Cultural, Environmental, and Configurational Schools). Each school looks at strategy in different ways and provides different insights on the construct. Can you develop one word and one sentence definitions of strategy in accordance with each of these ten schools of thought? (page 5 and rest of the book)
    3. Why has the Design School and the basic SWOT model been so long lasting and resilient? In what ways has the Design School influenced the other schools of thought identified in Strategy Safari? (pages 42-45)
    4. In what ways do the "descriptive schools" of strategic management (the Entrepreneurial, Cognitive, Learning, Power, Cultural, Environmental, and Configurational Schools) have more to offer the practitioner than the "prescriptive schools (Design, Planning, and Positioning Schools)? (See Context and Contribution section of each chapter)
    5. What are some limitations/problems with highly formalized strategic planning? (pages 63-67)
    6. Why is it better to "learn" than to "plan"? (pages 176-321)
    7. Which of the strategy schools are most alike? Which are most unlike?
    8. Which of the ten schools of thought have you come across as a manager and practitioner? Do you agree with the assessment of these schools laid out in Strategy Safari? (See Critique and Context and Contribution section at the conclusion of each chapter)

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Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg is the author of several seminal books, including The Nature of Managerial Work, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, and Managers Not MBAs. He is Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University.


Joseph Lampel

Joseph Lampel is Professor of Strategy at Cass Business School, at City University London. He is the co-editor of the fourth edition of The Strategy Process and of The Business of Culture: Strategic Perspectives in Media and Entertainment.


Bruce Ahlstrand

Bruce Ahlstrand is a Professor at Trent University in Ontario.