New Kids on the Block

Five Brothers and a Million Sisters

New Kids on the Block

An authorized biography of supergroup New Kids on the Block—tracking their rise, fall, and recent return as one of the biggest acts of all time (with a special focus on the fans who have supported them every step of the way).

Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood.

They set the bar for every boy band that followed and changed the course of pop music forever. In the 1980s, for millions of young girls around the world, they were gods. But behind the scenes, they were just kids. In this authorized biography of the band, the New Kids tell it all to rock author Nikki Van Noy.

“What distinguishes this from similar biographies is Van Noy’s inclusion of the voices of dozens of NKOTB fans both in the story itself—commenting on events from a fan’s perspective—and sharing personal tales of kindnesses shown by the band members at the end of each chapter.” (The Boston Globe)

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About the Author

Nikki Van Noy
Photograph by Holly Collins

Nikki Van Noy

Nikki Van Noy is the author of So Much to Say, a biography of the Dave Matthews Band. She works as a writer and editor in Boston, Massachusetts.