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Kat, Incorrigible

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Questions for Kat, Incorrigible

    1.     How do the sisters’ personalities differ from one another? What dominant characteristics does each sister possess? How do the sisters help one another based on their strengths and weaknesses?

    2.     Why does the Stephenson family have such a close bond, even with Charles, who almost ruins the family with his gambling? What role does their father play in the family?

    3.     Kat and Angeline are both concerned that Elissa will find out they are dabbling in magic. Why is Elissa adamantly against magic? What role does their mother play in Elissa’s attitude?

    4.     Why is Stepmama so insistent that the girls behave appropriately? What is she ashamed of, and what does this say about her priorities? Why is she willing to marry them off to someone for money instead of love? How does Stepmama’s outlook change by the end of the book?

    5.     What is the difference between being a Guardian and being a Witch? Why is being a Guardian considered more powerful? Why do Guardians consider witchcraft beneath them?

    6.     On Kat’s first visit to the Golden Hall, why is she defensive and unwilling to accept her inheritance as a Guardian? Why does she eventually change her mind and accept Mr. Gregson’s offer as a tutor?

    7.     Kat does everything she can to abandon the golden mirror; why does it always comes back to her? Why does Kat want to return the mirror?

    8.     Kat’s first evening at Grantham Abbey proves to be entertaining and informative. What does she do that causes embarrassment to her family and to her? What does she learn that will later prove helpful?

    9.     Why does Mr. Gregson’s appearance at Grantham Abbey unsettle Kat? Why is she so untrusting of him? How does he finally prove to her that he is worthy of her trust? How does Lady Fotherington treat Kat, and why?

    10.  What does Kat learn about her mother from Mr. Gregson? Why doesn’t she share the information with Angeline and Elissa?

    11.  What is the truth behind Sir Neville’s attitude toward his brother, Mr. Collingwood? What does Mr. Collingwood know about his brother’s affairs that Sir Neville would prefer to keep secret? How is the truth finally exposed?

    12.  Why does Mr. Collingwood pretend to be a highwayman? What is Kat’s motivation for helping Mr. Collingwood escape from the party? How does her help turn into a hindrance?

    13.  What does Kat learn about her powers that bring her peace? How does she use these powers to win her sisters their true loves and save her family from ruin? 

    14.  Is Kat really incorrigible? Why or why not?

    15.  Kat is from 19th Century England. How is she distinct from a modern heroine? How does author Stephanie Burgis use the Regency Era setting as a backdrop to her unique story? How does she combine elements of history and fantasy?

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About the Author

Stephanie Burgis
Photograph (c) Gail Hammond

Stephanie Burgis

Stephanie Burgis grew up in East Lansing, Michigan, but fell in love with Regency England when she discovered the novels of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. The author of Kat, Incorrigible; Renegade Magic; and Stolen Magic; she decided to be a writer when she was seven and sold her first short story when she was fifteen. Stephanie lives with her husband, fellow writer Patrick Samphire, their son, and their dog in Wales. Visit her at