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    Discussion Questions for The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch

    Jack lives at St. Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten and Lost. What does this name signify about the types of kids who live there? What kind of boy is Jack?
    Jack is surprised when Jazen tells him he is courageous. Why do you think he’s surprised? Are there different kinds of courage?
    What do you believe is the connection between the word imagination and the place Imagine Nation?
    How are Jack’s past and future similar? How might they be different? Are there other characters in the book who deal with this too?
    Why do you think the author shows that Jack qualifies for a future as a toilet brush cleaner on the P-MAP test? What does Jack think about this test?
    How could Jack not knowing who he is be beneficial to him in the Imagine Nation, in your opinion?
    Why do you think the author named the characters Jonas Smart and Stendeval the Wise? Is there a difference between being wise and being smart? If so, how is this showcased in these characters?
    Stendeval says, “Fear is a very effective political tool, and I know that you can be very . . . persuasive.” In what ways do you believe Jonas Smart employs fear in the book as a tool to achieve what he wants?
    Which teacher at the School of Thought do you think has the most important or effective test for Jack, Skerren, and Allegra to pass?
    Stendeval says, “The only thing I find impossible is the concept of impossibility.” What does he mean by this? How can you connect this quote to the idea of imagination and the place Imagine Nation?

    Questions written by Jessica Rentas, 4th Grade Teacher

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