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    Discussion Group Questions
    1. What about the concept of knowledge and best practice transfer is appealing to you? (See Preface and Chapter 1)
    2. What knowledge (about our customers, our products, or our processes) is going to be important to our organization in the year ahead? What does this say about our value proposition in the market place? (See Part Two, Chapter 5)
    3. How do we share knowledge and practices now? What works well? What doesn't?
    4. Reflect back -- think about a time that important knowledge or a good practice was effectively shared in our organization. What made the transfer possible? What were the results? (Chapter 11, p. 111)
    5. Think about a time that knowledge did NOT transfer? What got in the way? What could have been done differently? (Chapter 3)
    6. What are the characteristics of your organization's culture that help or hinder the transfer of knowledge and best practice? (Chapter 9, p. 22)
    7. How would we measure the effectiveness of our efforts at transfer? (Chapter 12, p. 133)
    8. What can we, as individuals, do in our own work life to benefit from and contribute to knowledge transfer and use?
    9. What issues will arise in our organization that this book failed to address?

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