If God Were Real

A Journey into a Faith That Matters

If God Were Real

In this provocative book, pastor John avant encourages readers to uphold a consistent practice of what they believe, not just a verbalization of what they believe. If Christians truly believe in God, they should live genuinely changed lives as the ultimate proof that He is real.

Many Christians live their lives as if they do not believe in God. They go to church and praise His name on Sundays, but in their daily lives they don’t think about the Lord that often. They don’t show much concern or charity for others. They don’t feel gratitude to the Lord for His blessings. They don’t allow God’s love to be reflected in their actions—giving Christianity a bad name in the process. In their practical, day-to-day lives, many Christians are almost living as though they are atheists.

Pastor Avant witnesses many Christians not living up to their claims, and he asserts that there is not much Christ left in that form of Christianity. In If God Were Real, he challenges Christians to consider whether or not they believe in God. If they do, Pastor Avant wants readers to consider what life would be like if they lived as if they believed in God. He advocates for the pursuit of a new Jesus movement that resembles Christ’s original followers—followers who were so steadfastly devoted to Him that their every action reflected His glory. With If God Were Real, readers will embark on an adventure of discovery of the real God and a life lived in praise of Him.
  • Howard Books | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416587798 | 
  • July 2009
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About the Author John Avant


I know God is real, because He takes care of crazy people like me:


• I feed sharks with no cage and bring my son. (My wife says if they eat Trey, just stay down there!)


• I may be the only preacher still alive to pick up a green mamba in Africa. (Long story, but I thought it was a grass snake.)


• I dive in underwater caves in Mexico where the Mayans sacrificed humans. (Seriously, this is cool!)


• I like to hang out in the Middle East. (Some of the best people and the best food in the world are there!)


• I de-stress by climbing twenty feet up a tree with a stick and a string and sit there completely still for hours. (If you know what this means, you will rejoice with me that I have my fi rst Pope and Young!)


• To keep from being a fat preacher, I run–a lot. In the Atlanta half marathon, I was once passed by a woman. Pushing her baby in a stroller! (I sucked it up and passed her at the finish line for one of my great sports achievements.)


• If they had ADD when I was a kid, I would have been the dictionary definition. Even now, I like to work out by running on a treadmill while watching TV, listening to my iPod, and reading from my kindle. (That’s not quite enough multi-tasking for me, but there’s no more room for anything els see more

About the Author

John Avant

Avant is the pastor of a 7,000 member Baptist church. He is an avid bow-hunter and scuba diver.