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The Hundredth Window

Reading Group Guide

    Reading Group Guide
    Discussion Group Questions to accompany The Hundredth Window
    How ready are you (and your company) to face the tough questions about privacy in the information economy?
    1. What is your company's policy for personal data collection and usage?
    2. Is there an officer of your company responsible for the development and implementation of the company's privacy (or fair information practices) policy?
    3. Is there a map or diagram of what personal information is collected or purchased in the course of doing business, where it is stored, who has access, and for what purposes they may access the data?
    4. Are all employees aware that the data collection/usage policy exists and trained on what their responsibilities are with respect to the policy?
    5. Is there a procedure in place to deal with customer inquiries (or law enforcement inquiries) regarding collection and use of personal data?
    6. Are processes in place to communicate your corporate privacy policy to customers, employees, vendors, and marketing partners?
    7. Is responsible customer data collection practices part of the product management and marketing program checklist?
    8. Is responsible customer data practices part of the due diligence checklist when your company considers acquiring, merging, or a strategic partnership with other companies?
    9. How well would you rate your company on fair information practices of notice, consent, access and recourse?
    10. Now that you've had a chance to think about personal data collection, what do you think about the current division of responsibility between consumers, companies, and governments?

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