Galactic Hot Dogs 2

The Wiener Strikes Back

Galactic Hot Dogs 2

(Book #2 of Galactic Hot Dogs)
Created by: Max Brallier / Illustrated by: Rachel Maguire and Nichole Kelley
For Ages: 8 - 12
Cosmoe, Princess Dagger, Humphree, and the gang are back for another wild space adventure in the second hilarious illustrated novel of the Galactic Hot Dogs series, which Lincoln Peirce calls an “an insanely entertaining, eye-popping adventure.”

What could go better with wieners than a flying space circus? Nothing! Which is why Humphree’s all jazzed up at the chance to sell Galactic Hot Dogs as the official food of Crostini’s Cosmic Carnival and Wonder Circus train. Cosmoe’s not entirely convinced—but once his skills as a monster tamer are unveiled, the deal is done and the Neon Wiener is officially hooked onto the train.

Only things aren’t quite what they seem at this circus, and pretty soon Cosmoe realizes he and his buddies are in more danger than ever. To get to the bottom of it all, they have to travel somewhere pretty familiar, providing a glimpse at last into Cosmoe’s past and how he ended up aboard the Wiener in the first place.
  • Aladdin | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781481424967 | 
  • May 2016 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7
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Reading Group Guide

A Reading Group Guide to

Galactic Hot Dogs 2: The Wiener Strikes Back

By Max Brallier

Illustrated by Rachel Maguire and Nichole Kelley

About the Book

Space adventurers Cosmoe the Earth-Boy, Humphree the Space Pirate, and daredevil Princess Dagger are off to the circus to sell their famous Galactic Hot Dogs. Crostini’s Cosmic Carnival and Wonder Circus has monsters galore—and soon Cosmoe finds himself working as a monster tamer. But there’s a dangerous side to Crostini and his crew that leads to wild fights and chases as Cosmoe faces his darkest fears. Zany pictures, snappy dialogue, and nonstop action will keep readers captivated from beginning to end.

Prereading Questions

What is courage? What inspires ordinary people to be courageous? What might prompt you to risk your safety for a good cause?

Discussion Questions

1. Humphree says to Cosmoe, “We all got pasts . . .. You keep your stuff to yourself as long as you like.” Find places in the first sixteen chapters where Cosmoe refers to, but doesn’t explain, his history with circuses. Before you reached the chapter where they visit Earth, what did you think Cosmoe’s past might have been?

2. Describe Crostini and his role in the plot. What are some clues early on that he can’t be trusted? Why does Cosmoe work for Crostini?

3. Crostini’ see more

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About the Author

Max Brallier
Ruby Brallier

Max Brallier

Max Brallier is the author of more than twenty books for children and adults, including tie-in books for the popular show Adventure Time and the acclaimed Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? He lives with his wife, Alyse, in New York City, where he spends his time chasing fortune, glory, and the perfect hot dog.