Education Transformation

How K-12 Online Learning is bringing the greatest change to education in 100 years

Education Transformation

Edited by: Cynthia Black
Education Transformation, authored by the leading expert in customized online education, Ron Packard, shows why technology is critical to the future of education and the future of our nation’s children. We can no longer afford to lag, the benefits of technology must be harnessed for the benefit of students nationwide and around the globe. It is an imperative.

One size does not fit all in education – Education Transformation shows us how technology can be used to accommodate individual’s needs rather than making each student force fit into the traditional classroom model which works for many but not for all. Like so many other modern conveniences, education can benefit from technological advancement, and only technology can provide personalized instruction affordably.

Education Transformation has never been needed more than today. It is the future of education and of our nation’s children.
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  • 225 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781582703855 | 
  • June 2013
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