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    Discussion Group Questions
    1. What does it mean to be a service company? Is your organization a service company? Are you a service provider?
    2. Like money in a bank, values are the company's treasure. What are your company's core values and how do they compare with those values discussed in the book? How can an organization acquire such values?
    3. What does "values-driven leadership" really mean? How can values-driven leadership actuate sustainable service success? How can a company's leadership articulate, cultivate, and reinforce organizational values?
    4. What are the common traits of an excellent core strategy? Should an organization's core strategies ever change? How does an organization know what to preserve and what to change? What does "listening for innovation," mean?
    5. How do great service companies control their destiny? What are the advantages and disadvantages privately held companies have in controlling their destiny? How can public companies sustain control of the business?
    6. Why are trust-based relationships important in success sustainability? How can organizations build trust with customers, employees, business partners, and shareholders? What level of trust does your organization have with each of these constituents?
    7. What does the author mean when he discusses investing in employees' success? Is this a practiced approach in your company? What implications do these employee investments have on the future success of the company?
    8. Is it possible to be a large company yet act small? How can large companies act small? How can small companies retain their nimbleness, responsiveness, teamwork, and personalization as they grow and mature?
    9. When a company creates value for customers primarily through service, the company becomes the brand. How do you describe your company's brand? How would customers describe your company's brand? How do you communicate the brand to various stakeholders?
    10. Is generosity an outcome or input of success? How can generosity contribute to a company's success both inside and outside the organization?

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