Canadaland Guide to Canada

Canadaland Guide to Canada

From the creator of the #1 Canadian podcast, "CANADALAND," comes a browsable, hilarious exposé of Canada’s little-known dark side, in the satirical tradition of Stephen Colbert.

If you think of Canada as a progressive paradise of free healthcare, social equality, majestic woodlands, and good manners, think again.

The CANADALAND Guide to Canada (published in America) is a shocking introduction to the realities of life in the supposedly polite Great White North. Filled with illustrations, diagrams, maps, quizzes, and timelines, this highly designed journey through Canadian history, politics, and culture delivers astonishing and hilarious facts about the country.

Canadian culture and Canadian cuisine: do they exist? What creepy children’s TV shows have Canadians blocked from their memories? What does “sorry” actually mean?

The CANADALAND Guide to Canada (published in America) asks all these questions and more, and the answers are surprising, entertaining, and in some cases, downright scandalous. One thing’s certain: you’ll never look at a Canadian the same way again.
  • Touchstone | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781501150630 | 
  • May 2017
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About the Authors

Jesse Brown
Debra Friedman

Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown is a journalist and public irritant. He has won awards for humor and investigative reporting. The existence of his wife and children may humanize him to some degree. Follow him on Twitter @JesseBrown.