Blood Bayou

A Novel

Blood Bayou

To Save a Victim, Camille St. James May Have to Become One Herself.

Seven years ago, tragedy ended the troubled marriage of Camille and Jack Vermillion. Now, as head of the Truth Project, her life safe and orderly, she focuses her lawyerly skills on freeing wrongly incarcerated individuals on death row.

Jack paid a bitter price for his mistakes. No longer a high-powered corporate attorney, he's now pastor of a small church in Blood Bayou. Unsure of her own beliefs, Camille is highly skeptical of the conversion of this man she hasn't seen in seven years.

Then tragedy strikes again. Jack's sister is murdered, apparently by a prisoner Camille has set free. To prove his innocence, Camille must return to Blood Bayou. But that means facing the hostility of the town -- and Jack.

And as She Works to Find the Real Killer, Someone Is Determined to Stop Any Means.
  • Howard Books | 
  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416587507 | 
  • May 2009
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Karen Young

the Author


Although I’ve written 35 books, I’m convinced that I didn’t choose a career as a writer; it chose me.  

After many long-distance moves necessitated by my husband’s career, I realized I would never have enough time in one particular job to develop a career. So after the tenth move, out of sheer desperation I decided to try writing a book. When a major publisher bought it, I knew that I had found a career! Or, as I mentioned, it had found me. 

Writing fulfills something inside me like nothing else. I’m interested in people, in their lives, in who they are, in their interests, in what makes them tick, in what makes them happy or sad or good or bad. Spinning a tale with characters drawn from whole cloth out of my imagination is just plain fun.

But I want my books to speak to my readers. I’m drawn to explore the problems of contemporary women. With three daughters of my own, I see first hand the ups and downs of relationships, the difficulties women face in balancing career with marriage and motherhood, the challenge of blended families as a result of divorce. Looking beyond my family, I see the issues facing society as a whole.

Ten years ago, I lost my husband to a heart attack. Not only was my world changed, but I was changed in ways too numerous to mention. One was joyous: I was drawn back to the faith of my childhood. And, along wit see more

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About the Author

Karen Young
Photograph by Alisa Murray

Karen Young

Karen Young is the international bestselling author of thirty-eight novels. 
She has more than ten million books in print and is the recipient of the coveted RITA award from Romance Writers of America and the Career Achievement and Reviewer’s Choice awards from Romantic Times magazine. She is known as “a spellbinding storyteller who writes with sensitivity about issues facing contemporary women.” Karen's career in writing fiction for women has run the gamut from traditional romance to mystery thrillers to inspirational fiction. In her relationship-driven plots, she creates characters that could easily be her readers, and then places them in extraordinary circumstances while adding suspense to the mix.