Angels of a Lower Flight

One Woman's Mission to Save a Country . . . One Child at a Time

Angels of a Lower Flight

"In this world, you were loved."

The inspiring story of how one woman's message of hope and opportunity will change the lives of an entire generation.

Three schools, two orphanages, a hospital, and an abandoned-infant home -- constructed in the poorest country in the western hemisphere -- were the result of one quick television commercial. The ad was for a charity, asking for donations to help impoverished children in a third world country. Though author Susie Scott Krabacher had a little money to give, what she wanted was to hold the hand of every child she saw and tell them that they were not forgotten and that they too were important. When Susie called the charity, it wanted only monetary donations -- and every other overseas nonprofit she contacted couldn't or wouldn't take on an inexperienced volunteer. So Susie set out to change the children's lives on her own.

In this heartbreaking and inspiring memoir, Susie Scott Krabacher tells how the pain in her past caused her to doubt if God really loved and protected her. From her abusive childhood to her experiences as a Playboy centerfold during the 1980s, Susie details with frank honesty how she lost her faith along the way and how her experiences helping children in Haiti, an impoverished nation only five hundred miles from Florida, brought God back into her life.

In a country where 10 percent of all children die before the age of four, Susie mounted a brave effort to provide not just charity but opportunity. By treating the children she helps as individuals, Susie gives them the tools to save their own country. Although some of the children she's tirelessly worked to rescue do not survive, Susie will never again lose her faith.
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  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416535164 | 
  • September 2008
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Angels of a Lower Flight recounts Susie Scott Krabacher's journey from abusive childhood, to Playboy centerfold to humanitarian leader and hero to thousands.
Susie endured unspeakable abuse as a girl, enjoyed fame and notoriety as a Playboy centerfold as a young woman, and finally found her calling as a relief worker in Haiti as an adult. Through her unflinching faith in God and religion Susie found the strength to recognize the plight of the impoverished, and stop at nothing to see that they get the care and attention every human being deserves.
Widely considered one of the poorest nations in the world, where citizens suffer hellish living conditions, many might regard Haiti as a lost cause. But Susie Scott Krabacher has helped to drastically improve entire communities and has personally saved the lives of hundreds of Haitian children. Her projects in Haiti include the abandoned baby unit at the public hospital, a school in the poorest slum in the country, an orphanage for terminally ill and handicapped children, an orphanage for healthy infants and toddlers, a number of feeding centers and a Health Center. Her foundation "Mercy and Sharing" brings miracles to Haiti's children every day.
Susie's starkly honest memoir transcends its genre by providing detailed historical content and universal truths as witnessed through the eyes of a truly unique individual. Angels of a Lower Flight is just one woman's story, but reminds us tha see more

About the Author

Susie Scott Krabacher
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Susie Scott Krabacher

Susie Scott Krabacher began traveling to Haiti during the mid-1990s and contributed her own money for schools, hospitals, and humanitarian aid in that country. For her efforts, Susie has been made an honorary Haitian citizen. She also received the Humanitarian Rose Award, presented by the People¹s Princess Foundation, Inc., which was established by Maureen Rorech Dunkel to further Princess Diana¹s commitment to the needy. Susie lives with her husband in Aspen, Colorado.