Ronald K. Siegel

Ronald K. Siegel, PhD, is Associate Research Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Science at UCLA. A contributor to such publications as Omni and Scientific American, he is also the author of the highly regarded Intoxication and Fire in the Brain. He is frequently called upon as an expert in high-profile criminal cases. He lives in Los Angeles.

Books by this Author

From a renowned scientist, a vivid and "utterly fascinating" (Los Angeles Times) exploration of the suspicion, terror, and rage that possess the mind of the paranoid.

The paranoid inhabits a different realm of being, one that tilts the world ever so slightly. Delusions and hallucinations feed on each other, flourishing with amazing speed. Locked in a new mode of thinking the paranoid views life as from a cell. In a dozen case studies Dr. Ronald Siegel takes us on a chilling but...