Martin Caparros

Martín Caparrós, prolific novelist, essayist, and travel writer, won the 2004 Planeta Prize in Argentina for Valfierno, which has been published in over a dozen languages. He has also worked as a journalist for print, radio, and television. He currently lives in his native Argentina.

Books by this Author

Now in paperback, The Vanishing of the Mona Lisa is a captivating fictionalization of the greatest art theft of the twentieth century.

On August 22, 1911, the world was shocked by an unthinkable crime: Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, disappeared from the walls of the Louvre. While artists such as Picasso and Apollinaire were suspected of the theft, no arrests were made. Two years later an Italian, Vincenzo Peruggia, was detained when trying to sell the Mona Lisa to...