Lorenzo Benet

Lorenzo Benet is an assistant editor at People magazine and the New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Lives of Danielle Steel: The Unauthorized Biography of America's #1 Best-Selling Author; Scott Hamilton's memoir, Landing It: My Life On and Off the Ice; and Star Parker's Pimps, Whores And Welfare Brats -- The Stunning Conservative Transformation of a Former Welfare Queen.

Books by this Author

A FASCINATING INSIDE LOOK AT ONE OF THE BEST-KNOWN WOMEN IN AMERICAN POLITICS AS WE HAVE NEVER BEFORE SEEN HERShe’s a real-life American success story. Alaska’s youngest governor . . . and the first woman. A small-town girl who wasn’t content to keep things small.People magazine assistant editor Lorenzo Benet met with Sarah Palin and her family just weeks before the announcement that she would be the Republican vice-presidential nominee. In this groundbreaking biography, he shows us the real...