Jim McEnery

Jim McEnery served in the 1st Marine Division’s famed K-3-5 rifle company in World War II and fought in three major campaigns against the Japanese. After the war, he moved to New Jersey and worked at Rutgers University until retirement. He passed away in September 2012.

Books by this Author

A no-holds-barred, brutally frank memoir about one Marine’s life on the front lines—and the sacrifices, suffering, and raw courage of the men in foxholes, locked in mortal combat with an enemy sworn to fight to the death. A MARINE RIFLEMAN’S VIVID, BRUTALLY CANDID MEMOIR OF LIFE AND DEATH ON THEFRONT LINES OF WORLD WAR II IN THE PACIFICJim McEnery’s rifle company—made famous by the HBO miniseries The Pacific—fought in some of the most ferocious battles of World War II. This unforgettable portrait...