Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews is a retired officer of the CIA’s Operations Directorate. Over a thirty-three-year career he served in multiple overseas locations and engaged in clandestine collection of national security intelli­gence, specializing in denied-area operations. Matthews conducted recruitment operations against Soviet–East European, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean targets. As Chief in various CIA Stations, he collaborated with foreign partners in counterproliferation and counterterrorism operations. He is the author of Red Sparrow, Palace of Treason, and the forthcoming The Kremlin's Candidate. He lives in Southern California.

Books by this Author

The Kremlin's Candidate
Palace of Treason
Strangers on a Bridge
Red Sparrow


Behind the Book: 'Palace of Treason'

Scribner editor-in-chief Colin Harrison and bestselling, award-winning author Jason Matthews discuss Jason’s career at CIA, his action-packed new novel 'Palace of Treason', and what makes Putin a fascinating character.