David Latko

David W. Latko, president of Latko Wealth Management, Ltd. and a chartered retirement planning counselor, controls almost $100 million in client assets, and focuses on retirement and estate planning for a clientele whose net worth ranges from $50,000 to $10,000,000. A frequent guest expert on Chicago radio, David Latko maintains offices in Frankfort, Illinois, where he also lives.

Books by this Author

A successful financial counselor with twenty-five years' experience empowers widows to manage their finances and attain lifelong security

In many cases, losing a husband also means losing a financial partner. Suddenly, a widow is faced with essential decisions that she must consider single-handedly.

With Financial Strategies for Today's Widow, David W. Latko, whose financial seminars have been attended by more than ten thousand people, answers every question a widow...