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Anthony McCarten is a New Zealand-born playwright and filmmaker and the author of the novel Spinners. He currently divides his time between London and Los Angeles.

Peter Peitsch

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When a desperate car dealer advertises a competition with a simple premise -- that each contestant must keep one hand on a car at all times, and the last one standing will drive away the owner of a new Land Rover -- he sets in motion a chain of events that brings together an oddball group of individuals, each with a desperate need to win.

For the contestants, this publicity gimmick represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to break records, and to prove...


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December 31, 2008

Anyone who ever saw the movies of Norman Mailer might conclude that  novelists should never personally adapt their books for the big screen, and under no circumstances should they ever, ever, accept the director’s chair. Such a delusional ego-trip might pay some short-term writer’s bills but the artistic plane won’t ever leave the runway. The sheer freight of verbiage, interior narration, absence of action and lack of technical grasp of how the capture then juxtaposition of images can make a viewer’s heart skip a beat will turn an otherwise spritely novel into the filmic equivalent of Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose. ... see more