Amanda Grant

Amanda Grant’s passion is encouraging as many children as possible to be excited about food, to enjoy cooking and to help families eat well. She has worked as food editor for a variety of food magazines and has written for many national newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian and Delicious. Amanda is the author of several successful cookbooks, including Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids. Two of her cookbooks were listed in BBC Good Food’s Top 5 Children’s Cookbooks, one of which was the previous edition of Kids in the Kitchen (originally published as Cook School). To keep up to date with Amanda’s latest projects, take a look at

Books by this Author

Let your kids make their own food with 50 fun recipes that will not only encourage future healthy eating habits but also develop motor skills, cognitive development and self-confidence plus you won’t have to cook!

Children’s reading books, toys and games are often targeted at specific age groups, and this new book by "one of the UK’s leading children’s food educators", Amanda Grant teaches core cooking skills designed for children aged 3–5 years, 5–7 years, and 7–11 years. Each...