Alexandra Jamieson

Alexandra Jamieson has been featured on Oprah, CNN, MSNBC,, Dr. Oz’s, and scores of other television, radio, and web programs. She travels around the country speaking at conferences and colleges spreading the message about the wisdom of cravings and coaches thousands of people via her webinars, retreats, and one-on-one programs. You can find Alex on Facebook and on her website, She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her son and partner.

Books by this Author

Women, Food, and Desire


Listen to your cravings

Holistic health counselor Alexandra Jamieson knows what desire is all about: living life to its fullest. In WOMEN, FOOD, AND DESIRE, Jamieson dares us to face our cravings head on—for food, sex, sleep, movement, and more. She encourages us to tune in to our bodies explore our cravings—leading to healthy and joyful lives.