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Who doesn’t remember reading their first V.C. Andrews book, by flashlight, under the covers, feeling like you were stealing some secret knowledge from the universe? For decades the gothic, mysterious, and forbidden worlds of V.C. Andrews have entertained us. So, in honor of that feeling (and the new Flowers in the Attic TV movie coming […]

Bonus Philippa Gregory Content!

Are you going to watch ‘Reign’? Want even more royal action? Check out this audio excerpt below. Our friends at Simon & Schuster Audio wanted to share some of their favorite audiobooks from the bestselling “queen of royal fiction,” Philippa Gregory!   Here’s Gregory talking about THE WHITE QUEEN—now a Starz miniseries—and her latest audiobook, […]

The excerpt you’ve all been waiting for…MINE BY KATY EVANS!

Hey, y’all!  Sorry, didn’t mean to get all Tami Taylor on you, but we’re over the moon here today – because after months of nail-biting anticipation, we finally have the first sneak peek into Mine by Katy Evans!  Katy’s first book in the series, Real, focused on bad-boy underground fighter Remington “Riptide” Tate as he […]

Cover Reveal and Excerpt!!! Strings of Fate by Deirdre Dore

Deirdre Dore writes: The first time I saw the cover of this book, I gasped. I felt like the girl on the cover was the exact image of the character in my book, down to the expression on her face. And then to see my name on it and think back to the first time […]

The Other Side of Kelly Gay: Meet Kelly Keaton!

  XOXOAD is happy to offer Kelly Gay’s first novel in her Charlie Madigan series as a free read this month (see it up there in the right hand corner?). But did you know that Kelly Gay, author of The Better Part of Darkness, also writes a YA series under the name Kelly Keaton? As […]

Excerpt of A Terrible Love by Marata Eros

Jass Mackey has spent the last two years trying to disappear into a false identity she created to hide from a killer, but an encounter with a sexy stranger who seems to know her secret is about to tear down the wall she’s worked so hard to build around herself… Ballet was my life—before. I […]

With Friends Like These… Your Enemies Are Screwed

Gin Blanco, aka the Spider, aka star of Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series, may be a hired killer, but she knows what family and friendship mean. So her enemies in the urban fantasy world of Ashland better know you mess with anybody she loves, and you become a body. Apparently someone didn’t get the memo, […]

Excerpt from Me Since You by Laura Wiess

Ever since the night her police officer father couldn’t prevent a man from committing suicide–and a YouTube video of the incident promptly went viral– Rowan’s life has been in complete tailspin mode: her friends have alienated her at school, the media has been haranguing her family, and, worst of all, her father has become someone […]


Bonus Scene from S.C. Stephen’s Thoughtless

One year ago this month, Gallery had the pleasure of beginning to work with S.C. Stephen’s Thoughtless series, featuring the much beloved couple Kellan and Kiera. To thank all of her fans for their support, she rewrote a scene from Thoughtless in Kellan’s POV. Presenting it here from her original Fiction Press posting, we give you… […]

Excerpt from Alexa Egan’s Unleash the Curse

Actress Sarah Hayes has never forgotten her steamy night with London’s most eligible bachelor, Sebastian Commin, Earl of Deane. But she has to be content with her memories since their very different social statuses make being together impossible. Sarah’s only luxury is being able to admire Sebastian from afar when they are both guests at […]

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