What to Read While You’re Waiting for Westworld to Return

by  | July 1

If you’re like us, you devoured each episode of the second season of Westworld. And if you’re like us, you’re devastated it’s over! It’s always good to have books waiting in the wings to stave off the post-show crash. Here are a few suggestions to hold you over until next season returns!



by Michael Crichton

Go back to the source material! The HBO series is the adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Westworld, a film he wrote and directed in 1973. The screenplay was later published as a paperback. A little confusing, we know, but still a very interesting look at the story of Westworld from the concept’s creator.

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Strange Fire

Strange Fire

by Tommy Wallach

Strange Fire by Tommy Walach reads like a blend of Westworld and the Oregon Trail. This YA novel follows multiple characters, including brothers who fight against each other in a war between two civilizations. If you love the Western vibes of Westworld, then you’ll love the Western themes in Strange Fire, as well as its themes of humanity and technology.

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The Dark Tower I

The Dark Tower I

by Stephen King

You can’t talk about Western sci-fi stories without talking about The Gunslinger and the rest of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King (and we’re huge Stephen King fans over here!). The Gunslinger had its own adaptation last year (starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey), but we’re obviously going to recommend the book! The story follows Roland, the gunslinger, as he chases “the man in black,”and ultimately tries to get to the Dark Tower. With a dystopian setting, plenty of action and questions about good and evil, this novel is really the perfect book to keep you going until the next episode of Westworld.

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