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Zombies Ate My Homework

Redstone Junior High #1

Illustrated by Anthony Heddings
Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Pixel has lived a pretty sheltered life so far, but when she gets a scholarship to Redstone Junior High, that all changes very quickly. The first one to leave her village in centuries, Pixel sets out for school armed with an outdated mob encyclopedia and a chest of hand-me-down tools and supplies that are no match for the tasks her tough teacher, Mr. Craft, has set out for her. Fortunately, she meets up with Sky on her first day. Sky offers to teach Pixel all she needs to know to survive her first year at Junior High. Unfortunately, Sky loves to grief people –especially the teachers – for fun, which has landed her on the watch list of every teacher at the school. When Pixel shows up at Sky’s side to her first class, the teachers immediately suspect Pixel is up to no good as well, and vow to keep a keen eye on Pixel, putting her valuable scholarship in jeopardy.

From a failed field trip to a mob farm where Sky gets caught smuggling a sheep back into school, to a run-in with the Enderman hall monitor, and an accidental zombie infestation that Pixel may or may not have caused, Pixel wonders if she’ll ever make it through sixth grade alive!

Cara J. Stevens has a deep and abiding love for video games, science fiction and writing. She began her career designing interactive games and stories based on books and is happy to come full circle, creating stories based on video games. She has written nine other books for kids, including the novel Dragon School. When she’s not writing or hanging out at the beach, she can be found playing pinball, WiiU, and classic Atari games. Cara lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband, two children, and a loud, fluffy dog named Oliver.

Anthony Heddings is a technical writer and student at George Mason University. When he's not playing Minecraft, he's configuring his Minecraft server. He lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

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