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Zen Scratch Art: Fabulous Flowers

Created by Gakken Giftworks / Illustrated by Yoshiyasu

With FABULOUS FLOWERS, five lavish paintings are waiting to be revealed as you color them with a double-sided stylus, adding as much (or as little!) detail as you desire. The idea is to trace along the lines and embellish at your leisure.

The kit includes: 
-5 amazing art boards feature unique color patterns unlike any in the market
-1 blank board for your own design
-1 double-sided stylus (for making thick or thin lines) 

In the tradition of coloring books for adults, these activity books provide an artistic outlet for creativity with a new spin: scratch art! A creative, meditative activity, Zen Scratch Art empowers you to channel your inner artist.

A perfect and unique gift for fans of coloring books who want a new creative outlet. All aspiring artists will love the ZEN SCRATCH ART activity books for adults series. 

As you create amazing art, you’ll discover nature scenes and gorgeous work by Japanese artist Yoshiyasu—and maybe find your bliss along the way! Scratch art for adults will get your creative juices flowing in a totally stress-free, thoroughly satisfying way.


Yoshiyasu is a hugely popular illustrator in Japan and Europe where she is well known for the characters she's created for Buku Buku Hour, Kuroneko Monroe, and Nyankos—and for fine art exhibitions in Tokyo and London. She comes from a long line of kimono craftspeople and is deeply influenced by "wagara," traditional Japanese patterns.

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