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Zen Scratch Art: Classic Kimono Patterns

Created by Gakken Giftworks / Illustrated by Yoshiyasu

Spectacular designs are waiting for the perfect, patient, creative hand to unearth them in Zen Scratch Art. 

The process of scratching and sketching is a meditative, gratifying experience, as you embellish and detail exquisite kimono patterns. Each personalized mini masterpiece can be displayed, or used as a one-of-a-kind notecard (an envelope is included in the kit).

Yoshiyasu is a hugely popular illustrator in Japan and Europe where she is well known for the characters she's created for Buku Buku Hour, Kuroneko Monroe, and Nyankos—and for fine art exhibitions in Tokyo and London. She comes from a long line of kimono craftspeople and is deeply influenced by "wagara," traditional Japanese patterns.

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