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Writing Open the Mind

Tapping the Subconscious to Free the Writing and the Writer

Learn incredibly powerful techniques for tapping into your subconscious while composing prose to transform and enhance your creative writing abilities.

Powerful writing comes naturally when your mind is energized and experimental, when it can take risks and follow the unexpected. Use the techniques in this book to jump-start your creativity, learn new tricks and expand your writing repertoire.

• Use the surrealist technique of "automatic writing"
• Play with archetypal imagery from the Tarot
• Learn from the resonances of the body
• Write in diverse voices and styles
• Connect with the luminous natural world
• Scramble word sequences to break the habit of making "sense" in a linear way.

Writing Open the Mind is a rollicking guide that opens dozens of gateways to the subconscious world. Whether you are writing for publication or for personal pleasure, the practical tools and liberating philosophy found in this book will release the genius of the intuitive mind.