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Wrecking America

How Trump's Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All

"Read Fake President….This book can help us replace Trump with truth."
—Gloria Steinem

"Terrific new book. Fake President informs as it entertains." 

--Laurence Tribe
An incisive & witty look at the cost of lies on American lives

Fake President—the prequel to this book—in 2019 gathered in one convenient volume Donald Trump's epic lack of intelligence, integrity, stability, and honesty. The evidence was over-whelming that our Lyin' King was a corrupt liar incapable of performing his Constitutional duties. 

Then it got worse.

The lethal confluence of three calamities in the Spring of 2020—Covid-19, economic chaos, and generations of racial injustice—exposed the extravagant price of “having a terrible president at a terrible time,” in Rachel Maddow’s withering phrase.

Hence this updated volume for the 2020 election. Since “actions speak louder than words,” Wrecking America reveals how Trump's daily "twistifications" (a Jefferson coinage) are killing tens of thousands of Americans and millions of American jobs,  polluting the air and public debate, selling out his country for personal gain, and trying to "Make the Confederacy Great Again," as he preoccupies himself with golfing, seething, and tweeting. 

This November will test our 231-year experiment in self-governance like no time since 1860 and 1932. Will it be re-election or realignment, hate or hope, the wrecking ball or the “Best America”? This book's premise is that informed voters in a democracy will do what's right for their families, their communities, and their country.