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World Piece, Vol. 1

Book #1 of World Piece
By (artist) Agroshka

Josh Tierney and Agroshka’s sci-fi adventure follows Lucas Densen, a 16-year-old high schooler who suddenly finds himself protecting an Earth that has been shrunk by an unknown alien artifact; the world is literally in his hands!

Lucas Densen has earned his easygoing high school reputation through hard work and optimism. Life seems to be smooth sailing for this basketball-playing stargazer until an alien artifact shrinks the world, along with everything Lucas loves. What awaits him in this new realm where worlds are the size of your palm, and can he find out how to restore the Earth?

When not playing basketball on his high school team, Lucas Densen enjoys visiting his mother’s archaeological excavations. During one visit, Lucas accidentally triggers an ancient alien artifact that transforms Earth into a small glowing orb no larger than a basketball! Transported to a mysterious realm with nothing but what’s on his back and the Earth in his hands, Lucas encounters a friendly alien, Lully. What does she know about this world-shrinking artifact, and is she the key to restoring Earth?